Denver is known for its active lifestyle and multi-modal focus, and increasing bicycle facilities is vital to the growth and sustainability of the city.

Denver Moves; the city’s bicycle action plan and the bicycling component of the Denver Strategic Transportation Plan (STP), set a vision for Denver’s bike network and aligns with the Complete Streets policy. Based on those plans and policy, the city of Denver has added and will continue to add bicycle amenities and improved bicycle connections through out the city.

Denver Public Works will implement the following infrastructure improvements:

¨       Bike to Work Day, June 22nd

¨       Bike lanes on Bannock Street and 46th Avenue

¨       Bike sharrows on 23rd Avenue

¨       Bicycle striping improvements to 16th Avenue/Broadway intersection, including a bike box, which is a designated area for bicycles to wait at an intersection

¨       Bike lanes on West Florida from Lakewood to Ruby Hill Park

¨       Bike lanes in both directions on Larimer Street

¨       Improvements to the Cherry Creek Trail crossing of 1st and Gilpin Streets

¨       Bike lanes on 14th Street

¨       Separated bike facility on 15th Street

¨       Knox Court bike lanes from Alameda Avenue to coming West Corridor light rail transit station.

¨       Design of Denver’s first bicycle boulevard, which is a neighborhood street prioritized for bicycle travel, on Knox Court, Kentucky to Alameda Avenues.