Interested in what is going on with the Fastracks program? 

FasTracks Moving Full-Speed Ahead

Four years into the 12-year FasTracks transit expansion build-out, many of you are looking for signs of progress. These signs have already started to take shape along the West Corridor line through Denver and Lakewood, where construction crews have been clearing the path for the rail line and building new bridges to carry trains and pedestrians. However, with major construction on the majority of the FasTracks lines still one to two years away, it's important to take note of the major, less-visible work that has already taken place.

In 2009, FasTracks is right on schedule for completion of the entire system by 2017. As we continue to work through the financial challenges and seek additional funding to complete the program, rest assured that FasTracks is moving full-speed ahead!

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