When:     September 24, 2009
Starts at:   11:00 p.m.
Ends at:     1:00 p.m.

Please join us for "Drop Your Drawers" hosted by the Denver Pavilions.  Come drop packages of children's underwear from the Pavilion's balconies and win great prizes if you are successful in getting your package into the designated drop zones!

UNDERWEARNESS is a new, Denver-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization providing new underwear to children in need.

A fun event and a great way to help children!  If you are interested in putting together a team drop (great for businesses, schools, and other groups), please contact UNDERWEARNESS at info@underwearness.org. Otherwise, just come on down - solo droppers are welcome, as are onlookers!

The registration “fee” for droppers is one package (more are of course welcome) of new children’s underwear. Bring a package with you or donate $5 at the event to participate.

Please visit us online at: www.underwearnes.org.