Boy wasn’t it hot on Saturday!  Rachel and I took at walk to get coffee on Saturday morning; it was so hot already she got an iced coffee.  We decided then that we were staying inside for the day!  Too hot to even walk the dogs!  I was afraid our wiener dogs would be cooked if we went anywhere!

On Sunday it was a completely different day, nice cool temperatures in the 70’s all day.  We started lazy but ended up spending the day outside.  A nice trip with the dogs to the East High Farmer’s Market started the day, picked up some great heirloom tomatoes, and finished at Jazz at City Park for the 2nd week of Jazz in the Park.  In the middle we had a nice bike ride over to the Savory Spice shop to pick up some spices for Rachel’s sister in Oregon.  We forgot the Rockies game was mid day, so it made the bike ride a little more challenging yet still fun!

I got a ton of new clients but I still need more.  Talk to anyone you know and let me know who needs to buy and who needs to sell!  I will be looking out for those phone calls and emails!  I need at least one new client this week and I’m sure I can count on you to help me get there.  Thanks in advance.

Have a great week!