Real Estate Agent Among Best Business Jobs

Real estate agents earned a place on U.S. News and World Report's recent compilation of the best business jobs, alongside such other professions as human resources specialists and meeting, convention, and event planners.

In addition to putting the customer first and other tips, insiders say that staying on top of business trends is critical for success. Often, according to Destin Real Estate Company owner Blake Morar, real estate agents allow emotion more than anything else guide their recommendations to home buyers and sellers, which he says is the wrong way to go about it, since evaluating housing markets is a huge part of the agent's responsibility.

Morar, whose firm is based in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., suggests that would-be agents “become a student of the business,” learning as much as possible about the process before diving in head first. That advice is in line with what other professionals in other fields say about launching a successful business career, along with maximizing flexibility and looking proactively for a job opportunity that’s the right fit.

Source: “6 Booming Business Jobs,” U.S. News & World Report (April 19, 2012)