This Place Matters” Community Challenge


For the second year the National Trust for Historic Preservation will give $25,000 to the group receiving the most votes in the “This Place Matters Community Challenge.” The Black American West Museum (BAWM), housed in Dr. Justina L. Ford’s home is one of Denver’s most important historic buildings.  Under its roof visitors find the little-known stories of African Americans who followed their dreams West and stayed to meet the challenges of building communities in a raw but promising land.  


All you have to do is log on to the This Place Matters web site, follow the link to This Place Matters, click on the “our community map” link, and look for us in Denver by zooming in further (by double clicking a few times).  You must zoom in to see the BAWM dot because there is another dot in Denver, CO that was placed before the Black American West Museum’s dot, and therefore Google Maps places it on top.


Register to vote for us and then pass the link along to all of your friends. The only way we can win this challenge is to get the most votes from people who believe that The Black American West Museum matters to our community, our city, our state, and our nation.