What does Christmas time mean for buyers and sellers in the Colorado real estate market? To be honest, its a mixed bag and here is what I mean.

Buyers: Expect to see less choice on the market. The metro area has been struggling with having enough supply of homes all year, and at Christmas, inventory drops even further. Many sellers will take their home off the market in December because they dont want to be bothered with showings when guests and relatives are visiting. The holidays are busy enough and keeping your home in show-ready condition to sell can make life harder. There’s good news here though for buyers. Homes on the market over Christmas are motivated sellers. You may be able to negotiate a better deal at this time of the year than during peak selling season.

Sellers: You may be asking yourself, does anyone go to look at and buy homes in December? The answer is yes, and only the serious ones. Most of the time, people looking at homes over the holidays are the ones that must buy now, like a relocation client that needs to start work Jan. 2nd. If you get a showing over the next four weeks, at least you can rest assured that its probably not a looky-loo. The other option here is for you to take the home off the market for 30 days and take a break. The rest might be good for you. Put the home back on the market after the first of the year, you’ll get a new MLS #, and it will appear as a new listing. The real estate business should pick up again around the 15th of January.