Today is Colorado Gives Day!

Hi, Roberts Johnson with Cool Denver Homes.

It’s the third annual Colorado Gives Day., Last year $12.8 million was raised on this one day for Colorado charities!  If you don’t live in Colorado, Give Where You Live!  I have been lucky enough to have a good year and am going to participate in Colorado Gives Day.  I ask that you dig a little into your pockets and give!  It is the time of year when we can sit back and be thankful with what we have and think about others.  Consider it a present with a future!

 Please give and give generously!

Feel the love!  Spread the love!  Share the love!

Let me know what questions you may have about buying or selling a home, loans and anything else that you may have questions about. is your ticket to finding your dream home. is the site that lets you find out how much your house is worth.  lets you sign up for a daily list of all the bank owned homes in the Denver Area. is the main website with all sorts of good information on it.

Thanks and happy holidays!