Boy Howdy Father’s Day was hot!  Rachel and I drove down to the Colorado Springs to have lunch and go on a hike in Garden of the Gods with her mom and dad for Father’s Day.  Two things conspired against us.  One, Rachel sprained her foot sometime last week, poor baby.  And two, it was just too hot to walk outside.  We did have a nice lunch and drove through the Garden of the Gods; the temperature gauge put the temperature at 100 Degrees!  We had a terrific time!  Garden of the Gods is beautiful and I can’t wait to go back when the weather is considerably cooler.

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Rachel’s foot was bothering her a little bit during the week but on Saturday morning when we got up her foot was really hurting.  Luckily her doctor’s office was open and we where the 1st ones in.  Doc said it was probably sprained but wanted us to get an X-ray.  Homes by email  Another stroke of luck, the X-ray place was open on Saturday too and we found out to foot was not broken!  Yea!  Bad part was we could not attend Doxypoluza in Jefferson County on Saturday, bummer!   Rachel had her foot iced all day while I attended to her needs!

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I had a closing on Friday and got a new client on Friday!  Need to keep up the momentum!  Thanks everyone for your ongoing help!  Would love a new client this week too!

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Have a great week!

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